Meeting Schedules                     


It is suggested to try at least 6 different meetings, to find the one that best works for you. 

     - And keep coming back.


 In-Person Meetings

 Reminder: Wear your mask, use hand sanitizer, and remain 6ft apart.

Monday 8pm,Keep it Simple AFG Mary Queen of the World Topsail Road Mt Pearl       


1st and 3rd   Tuesday  of each month, 7:30pm New Hope AFG U-Turn Drop-in-Center, 19 Industrial Cres, Carbonear     

Wednesday 10:30am Hopeful AFG St. Patrick's Rectory, Patrick St. St. John's   

Wednesday 8pm Waterford AFG, Corpus Christi Church Rectory, Waterford Bridge Rd. St. John's     Celebrating 56years!

Thursday 8:30pm Reaching Out AFG, Holy Trinity Elementary School, Torbay


Online Meetings

Note: When attending online meetings please protect the anonymity of others in the meeting from accidental viewing by passersby:

         Inform members of the option to change their display name.

Disable recording features

Note to Newcomers - please identify yourself as a'll get a special welcome!



Sunday 7:00pm Sharing and Growing AFG Foxtrap        

Zoom ID 82268256119-  (no password) 

Sunday 8:00pm Caring and Sharing AFG

Zoom ID 86525952751, Passcode 720301         Celebrating our 60th Anniversary!                          


Tuesday 8 pm Caribou AFG Corner Brook

Zoom ID 8111804501 - password si27j9           

Tuesday 8 pm Somebody Cares AFG St. John’s             Celebrating 51 years!

Zoom ID 88472067078 - no password                         

_______________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                     

Thursday 11 am Fourth Step AFG Corner Brook   

Zoom - ID 8111804501 Password si27j9       

Thursday 12 noon Men’s Inspirational AFG St. John’s

Zoom - ID 87077266785 (No Password)           

Thursday 8 pm Live for Today AFG Holyrood

Zoom - ID is 3399995561 Password 920145


Thursday 8 pm Reaching Out AFG Torbay

Zoom ID 99532648388 Password 668697                 


Friday 10:30 am Courage to Change AFG St. John’s

Zoom - ID 85033082466 (no Password)                     


Saturday 11:00am Let Go and Let God AFG St. John’s

Zoom - ID 83842409726 -no password

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                   God, Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to Change the things I can, and
Wisdom to Know the difference