Meeting Schedules                     


It is suggested to try at least 6 different meetings, to find the one that best works for you. 

     - And keep coming back.

 In-Person Meetings

 Reminder: Wear your mask, use hand sanitizer, and remain 6ft apart.

Come prepared with your VaxPass, photo ID, and to sign-in for contact tracing. 

Monday 8pm,Keep it Simple AFG Mary Queen of the World Topsail Road Mt Pearl       

Wednesday 10:30am Hopeful AFG St. Patrick's Rectory, Patrick St. St. John's   

Wednesday 8pm Waterford AFG, Corpus Christi Church Rectory, Waterford Bridge Rd. St. John's 

                                                          (Zoom meetings Jan-Mar)   

Thursday 8:30pm Reaching Out AFG, Holy Trinity Elementary School, Torbay

 Sunday  8:00 pm Caring and Sharing AFG, St.James United Church, St.John's


Online Meetings

Note: When attending online meetings please protect the anonymity of others in the meeting from accidental viewing by passersby:

         Inform members of the option to change their display name.

Disable recording features

Note to Newcomers - please identify yourself as a'll get a special welcome!



Sunday 7:00pm Sharing and Growing AFG Foxtrap        

Zoom ID 82268256119-  (no password) 



Tuesday 8 pm Caribou AFG Corner Brook

Zoom ID 8111804501 - password si27j9           

Tuesday 8 pm Somebody Cares AFG St. John’s             

Zoom ID 88472067078 - no password                         

_______________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                     

Thursday 11 am Fourth Step AFG Corner Brook   

Zoom - ID 8111804501 Password si27j9       

Thursday 12 noon Men’s Inspirational AFG St. John’s

Zoom - ID 87077266785 (No Password)           

Thursday 8 pm Live for Today AFG Holyrood

Zoom - ID is 3399995561 Password 920145


Thursday 8 pm Reaching Out AFG Torbay

Zoom ID 99532648388 Password 668697                 


Friday 10:30 am Courage to Change AFG St. John’s

Zoom - ID 85033082466 (no Password)                     


Saturday 11:00am Let Go and Let God AFG St. John’s

Zoom - ID 83842409726 -no password

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                   God, Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to Change the things I can, and
Wisdom to Know the difference